Just a few guidelines.


There will be a 50% retainer fee on all photoshoots. This secures your preferred date and time for our session.

The retainer fee will be put toward your total. The remainder of your session's cost will be due no later than the date of your session (weddings must be paid in full no later than 1 month before the big day).


Before setting a date for sessions, I ask that we get together and chat a bit! We can talk about what you are interested in, pick a date/time, and sign all of the official stuff.

The contracts are a formal agreement for all parties! I am committing to giving you my time, as much as you need, and my creativity! You are trusting me, and allowing me to be creative (well, & to the payment/commitment of the date time too ha!)


The Nature of Things. I love natural light. Times for photoshoots may reflect the best time of day for picture perfect lighting.


Thank you. By choosing a person with a creative nature for your needs, you are voicing your enjoyment of their creativity.. so thank you! If your eyes are visually pleased, thank you!


Photos are available for purchase. Do not hesitate to email or call me if you would like to purchase any of the photos as a print or canvas print. (Portraits are only available to those in the photo, unless permission is given otherwise, to protect the privacy of my clients)